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I provide aspiring jazz musicians with the tools and resources they need to master their musical journey.

Get started today with my Jazz Warmups & Etudes packet. This free PDF packet contains etudes based on The Blues, Rhythm Changes, Tune Up, and Autumn Leaves.

These musical gems are guaranteed to expand your playing in every way.

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I've been there...

As a practicing musician, I struggled with the frustrations of being overwhelmed by too much information and not knowing the best ways to apply it.

I've created a teaching style that's accessible, clear, effective, and FUN!

Here at Whalen Jazz Lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Practice more efficiently
  • Learn new vocabulary and integrate it into your playing
  • Apply concepts to tunes
  • Get UNSTUCK and know what to work on next
  • Expand your ears
  • Learn to improvise the way the masters do

Meet Tim Whalen


Over the past 25 years, I've helped hundreds of jazz students transform from being stuck and overwhelmed to inspired, focused, and confident.

Teaching is a privilege, and I'll be with you every step of the way. 

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More About Me

Wade L

In my view, Tim is the ideal teacher.  He’s organized in preparing lessons, patient, and makes sure to match lessons to student interests/goals.  He has a strong command of jazz music and distills complicated concepts so they are easy to understand.  I’ve played guitar most of my life, including some jazz, but jazz theory didn’t really start to click with me until I studied with Tim.

Jennifer T

My playing had plateaued when I began studying with Tim, and he immediately got me moving forward again. His knowledge of jazz piano stylings and vocabulary is enormous, yet he knows just how to break it down into learnable chunks. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to beginners and advanced players alike.

Alex M

Tim has been one of the most passionate, skilled, dedicated and down-to-earth teachers I've had the privilege to learn from. He's taken me on a discovery of how jazz works, and how my identity fit into its expression. I've been privileged to be his student and see him play live. If you're looking for quality music composition, arrangement, teaching, or performing, Tim definitely has the bar set high.

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Jazz Warmups & Etudes

These etudes will improve your technique, your rhythm, and expand your improvisational vocabulary!

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